IMSDK (Instant Messenger .NET Software Development Kit) is a powerful .NET Component that incorporates Instant Messaging functionality. IMSDK Consists of two sub systems: IM Client and IM Server.
MailyoulikeMailyoulike is a powerful web based email application that allows you to offer personal email accounts to your site visitors like username@yourdomain.comMailyoulike v3.NET is coded in ASP.NET
and supports MS SQL and
MS Access databases.
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fRIENDSYOULIKEFriendsyoulike is social networking script where users can interact with each otherOur clients can easily implement their own layout because of the use of html based template files.
Friendsyoulike is built in ASP.NET (VB.NET), and supports MS SQL and MS ACCESS Databases.
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MpopperMPopper is desktop software which will allow you users to send and recive Mailyoulike email using thier pop3 clients like outlook and any other that support pop3 protocolMPopper Sits in your end user Tray and user can simply use outlook to send and receive mailyoulike email using thier POP3 Clients.
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MCheckerMChecker is Desktop Software Which will inform your end user for any new email in their Mailyoulike accountMChecker also support POP3 and IMAP Account – It means that user can configure MChecker to check new email in there mailyoulike ,POP3 and IMAP account MChecker not only works with mailyoulike it also work with any email Address that support POP3 and IMAP Protocol.
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